More life balance and less anxiety!  Exclusively for Attorneys

STRESS LESS- Live Training...

Why are we so stressed out?  Most of us suffer from too much stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.  


Sadly, the day to day stress we deal with becomes normal, and it can cause serious issues with your physical and mental health.  


Let me share with you my path out of law practice hell, and introduce you to some of the basics I used to totally change my life.  I was working 12 hours days six days a week, and was sick and tired.  I knew there had to be a better way to practice law, so I went out and found and implemented lots of tips, tools, and techniques that changed my life as a lawyer.  Get registered for the live training- there will be a replay if you are already booked.


Is it time to- Stress LESS?

Can you reduce your stress level by 50% or more?!

  • Why we collectively are so overwhelmed and stressed out as a profession.

  • How we do stress to  ourselves and how we can begin to see stress and our careers differently. 

  • An introductory Heartmath technique that can balance your body and mind in seconds.

  • How ONE book changed my life and saved me hours each week.

  • How you can look at stress differently and work on eliminating it from your life.

Adam J. Ouellette, Esq.

Veteran Lawyer and Consultant who has trained thousands on how to live a better life and find their passion in the law or out.

As every attorney can attest, this profession can lead to an unhealthy level of stress and anxiety. Adam’s presentation gives actual techniques that you can put to use immediately to help cope with the burdens of this profession. By listening to Adam and putting his teachings into practice, it can lead to a more productive and healthier working lifestyle. I would highly recommend Adam’s workshop to anyone who is dealing with the stresses of the legal profession.

Ryan Reif Esq., President- Port St. Lucie Bar Assocation 

This Live Training Happens Soon!